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App Of The Week: Offer Up

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GUEST POST BY: @nerdandcheese
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A few weeks ago one of my friends posted on Facebook that they were selling their old smart phone on something called OfferUp. Curiousity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.

OfferUp makes buying and selling things super easy. It’s kind of like Craigslist but with a more user friendly feel like eBay. There are no fees to sell or buy and the app and website are also totally free to use. Once I set up my account I was ready to find some deals.

Offer Up App

People are selling tons of cool stuff just a few miles from where I stay. Everything from 80s toys to video games to antiques. I contacted someone who was selling their old Nintendo GameCube and we had a deal done the next day. I love how you can message the seller directly through the app. There’s no need to give out your personal email or phone number.

OfferUp doesn’t give me that feeling that I might end up on a Lifetime Movie Network special of the week. As always, you should be careful when meeting up with a stranger, whether they are from the internet or just passing by on the street. So far I’ve completed three purchases with no problems.

Offer Up App

Ready to find some great deals or list some old items collecting dust around the house? Then OfferUp is definitely worth checking out. Click here to download it in the iTunes App Store OR click here to download it now in the Google Play Store.