App Of The Week: Zombies, Run!

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Zombies Run

Exactly one year ago, Six to Start and Naomi Alderman announced the release of Zombies, Run! 2. Today, Zombies, Run! 3 has taken over the app market as the bestselling smartphone fitness game where your real-world running is your greatest weapon against the zombie horde. Over 60 missions to choose from and a beefed up app with crazy gameplay and graphics has made it a bestseller in both the Play Market and App Store.

Zombies, Run! is unique. Combining fitness, gameplay and a gripping story, the game turns the player’s runs into a post-apocalyptic action hero’s fight for survival. Every run is a mission in which the game’s characters – voiced by a full cast of actors – let the player know the stakes, and just why that run is so important. Audio drama clips are interleaved with songs from your own music playlists; the further you run, the more supplies you collect to help the survivors back home. When you finish your run, you can use the supplies you’ve collected to improve and upgrade the struggling settlement, Abel Township.

Adrian Hon, CEO of Six to Start and co-creator, said, “In only a year, Zombies, Run! has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world get into running and enjoy it more than ever before. This follow-up is a huge step forward, with fantastic new graphics, more advanced gameplay, improved accessibility, and of course, a continuation of our amazing story. And with our weekly missions, Zombies, Run! will be like a TV show that you run to. There’s nothing else out there like it.”

Pricing for the app is more affordable than any gym membership. And with frequent price cuts – you never know what killer deal you may find!

Season Pass (includes all Season 2 Story Missions) – $1.99 (usually $3.99)
Season Pass Plus (includes all Season 2 Story Missions and Sidequests) – $3.99 (usually $7.99)
Sidequest Pass (includes all Season 2 Sidequests) – $2.99 (usually $5.99)

So join the battle against the undead horde in-game, and prepare your body for when the dead may rise out of the game! For more information you can check out the Zombies, Run! Official Site by clicking here! OR, check it out in the App Store or Play Market and see for yourself!