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First video game? Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

#NowPlaying? Overwatch!

Favorite Overwatch characters? It’s a 4-way-tie between Tracer, Mei, Pharah and Mercy!

What game would you like to see a remake of? I’d love to see Pokemon Red on something other than an emulator!

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Staff Writer / MTG / What’s Trending

What got you into MTG? Started playing in 2000 when a couple friends introduced me to it

#NowPlaying? LoL, Torchlight 2 and replaying PS1 RPGS

It’s Saturday, what are you doing? If I’m not gaming, I’m off grabbing a drink and hitting up karaoke!

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Staff Writer / Special Events / MLG

How many times have you been to San Diego Comic Con? 8 as of 2016.

It’s Saturday.. What are you doing? Either cruising the town as a Double Agent Lyft Driver or hitting up the Disneyland Parks.

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