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My Daring DareDevil Review

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I have never been a fan of DareDevil…

I would like to open up by saying that I’ve never been a fan of DareDevil. I thought that generally, he was a goofy idea for a “Super Hero”, a blind guy that fights crime with basically “Sonar”. It reminds me more of something out of an old Samurai movie, like the blind swordsman story. I never read much of the comics and only really read about him when he showed up in comics with other super heroes. The only story arc that I read involving him that I had thought to be awesome was when he gained controlled of The Hand, used it to protect Hell’s Kitchen. This lead him to becoming corrupted and he beat the shit out of most of the other super heroes in Hell’s Kitchen.

Now that I filled you in, let’s get to the real story here. Netflix’s DareDevil is all sorts of amazing! I was a little hesitant at first to watch the show just because of my dislike for DD, but more so for the fact I didn’t want to seem like I was bandwagon’ing on the “DAREDEVIL EXPRESS”. But honestly, I’m glad I got pass my initial feelings about the show.


WARNING WARNING! There are going to be some spoilers ahead so if you are yet to watch the show, or have any plans of doing so, I would suggest stop reading, watch the show, and then return to this post to argue with how right or wrong I may be.

Vincent D’Onofrio is a show stealer!

First off, I don’t often brag about the acting in most shows. It should be noted though that the casting choices for this show along with the delivery from each actor is spot on! Everyone seems to fit into their roles perfectly and really sold me on the idea that they were who they said they were. While some may say “well, duh.. that’s their job” -but let’s not forget the butch job that was the DareDevil movie and how truly bad it was. I was especially impressed with the performance that Vincent D’Onofrio did as the Wilson Fisk aka KingPin and the performance of Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson. Words can’t begin to describe how well he did bringing Fisk to life on the screen. From the small nuances to his bigger moments on screen, D’Onofrio stole the show! Anytime D’Onofrio got on screen, I was at the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next!

As for Henson’s performance as Foggy, I loved every minute of it. He was loveable, charming, funny, and awkward, exactly how I would picture Foggy to be in real life. Bravo to both of them! Bravo to all of them but I just wanted to point out that those were the performances that really stuck out to me!

I love the fact that they portray both Murdock and Fisk as people trying to fix their city but they were going about it differently. Fisk was trying to wipe the city clean and start fresh, while Murdock was trying to salvage what he could of his city and save it that way. I enjoy that they both were portrayed as opposite sides of the same coin. While I understand that the comic book Kingpin that I know was more about gaining power, money, and wealth, I did enjoy this portrayal of him as a type of… I guess you could call him an anti-hero of a sort.

The fight scenes were intense as well. They felt tightly choreographed and I felt that I was watching a Kung-Fu movie. Seriously, who doesn’t love Kung-Fu movies!?

DareDevil Netflix

I very much so enjoyed the fact that they didn’t portray DD as this invincible fighting machine and that he gets his ass handed to him a few times throughout the series. One of the things that worried me from the get go was that the commercials made him seem like this unbeatable hero and after a bit, that sort of show does get boring. He gets his ass beat and has to run quite a few times throughout the show and that’s okay. It makes it so the character is forced to grow and learn from whatever lessons the episode or life have to throw at him.

Sigh… Design, design, design…

There are dozens of things I could ramble on and on about in regards to what I love about the show. But one thing that really got to me throughout the series was the costume. While I do not know much about DD and have only seen him in the yellow outfit, the red devil looking outfit, and the black outfit that he had during the Shadowland story arc. His outfit in the series reminds me more of Iron Fist’s aka Danny Rand’s outfit. Honestly, I was half expecting Iron Fist to show up sometime throughout the series and call him a copycat. This isn’t a deal breaker on the show, but it definitely was just a meh sort of feeling I couldn’t shake the entire show. Netflix is already in the works on an Iron Fist show, and that will definitely pose some weird familiarity when browsing Recommended Shows on a Friday night.


For those that don’t know who Ben Urich is, he is a tough as nails reporter that has been at the frontline of most of the big time super hero related stories in the Marvel universe. Spoiler alert, THEY KILLED OFF BEN URICH! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! For them to kill him off within the first season of the show, it just felt like they did it for ratings. I mean, it fit into the flow of the story but I just didn’t expect them to kill off such a hard hitting player that early in the series. I was expecting them to maybe imitate the story arc where Urich finds out that Murdock is DareDevil, and I’m sure many of us would agree we would have loved to see their interactions beyond that point. It was semi hinted at during the show because there was an interaction between Murdock and Urich where Ben gave Murdock an odd, suspicious look. I figured that maybe season 2 or season 3 would have a big reveal that Ben knew or at least suspected it.. but no.. They decided “Let’s go for the REACTION BOMB!”, which of course they got because his death really just came as such a shocker and a little bit too soon.

The hype is real…

Let’s just wrap this up nice and neatly with 4 simple words “The hype is real.” Overall, I loved the show. They did an amazing job with it and it is definitely up there with shows that you should binge watch in the near future. It’s not much of a surprise though because Marvel has been doing an amazing job with all their properties and Netflix has a pretty good track record when it comes to their “original” series. All I can say is that I can’t wait for season 2 to come out and I definitely can’t wait for the rest of the Marvel shows to come to Netflix. If you have watched it, let us know what you thought about it and if you haven’t, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DID YOU READ THIS!?