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Because the mobile calendar is so 2007.. 

Currently in beta, Dials App is revolutionizing the way we use mobile calendars, note apps, and reminders as a whole. Headed by an all-star team, including Dante Orpilla of Reddit, and Entertainment Industry Veteran Thomas Scriven.

Right now as it is, the mobile calendar is clunky, out-dated, and overall an awful user experience that takes too long to complete a simple task. Dials is currently looking to change that, and so far Beta is proving it to be successful. A simple event can be created with an event name or title, location with GPS accuracy, and invite other friends using the app in under 3 seconds. Although, if you’re inviting people to an event you may want to be a bit more thorough about those details.

Dials AppDials AppThe Dials App itself is clean and beautiful. Events can be easily created, and viewing them doesn’t create a headache with complicated overlaps and overly bright, white backgrounds.

Additionally, Dials App shows your events for the day in a clock pattern. Swiping up or down allow you to switch between AM and PM, while events that are on your current view will be displayed on the dial with the corresponding time it would be on a clock. For example, the photo showcases that we will be going Rocco’s between 7-8pm on Friday. You can also see on the second photo to the right, that when a user is invited the icon changes from an ‘Event’ to the users photo as it is set in the phones contact for them. If multiple users are invited to the event, it will show the most recent recipient to be added to the event and not multiple user icons.

If individuals are invited to the event, it also gives you the option to open a chat with the message icon which helps to minimize the back and forth between your calendar app versus texts or an email. Streamlining this process allows for users to make changes, be notified of changes to the events location and time, and even let everyone know they’re running late with a few simple clicks.

Dials App

This same technology is also used for scheduling a ‘Call’ to another user. Adding the user to the call through the Dials interface allows you to use a 1 click-to-call feature to the users number of your choosing. Dials at some point will also support the ability to launch a conference call within a few clicks as well, which will really help to bring the mobile device and your fast-paced work life to the 21st century with unified simplicity.

Dials App

Dials is also in the process of currently syncing Apple Watch notifications with the app itself to allow for seamless notifications, even if your phone gets left behind in the other room. While this feature is still in the works, it shouldn’t be long until we see it hit our wrists.

Dials App



For a hands on experience of the Dials App, check out this awesome tutorial video below: