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Does DC Waste Valuable Assets?



Within the last few months, I’ve found myself really getting into DC shows based in the ‘Arrow-verse’. And as corny as they are, they’re really damn good shows! The Arrow-verse has built a rich and fleshed out universe with interesting characters and stories. Arrow has had 5 seasons to work with, while Flash has had 3 seasons, and Super Girl has had 2 seasons. Each of the shows are frequently intertwining to where they go as far to help each other grow and thrive, both in the show and for the success of the show.

So the question I have for the big wigs at DC — Why are you wasting these resources that could be used for the Justice League movie and future movies?

The officials have stated that the Arrow-verse and the DC movie universe are separate and will never interact with one another. One of the biggest issues that I’ve seen in comic book movies is that they try to fit too much into a 2 hour movie. Too many characters, too many plots, too many twists, etc. The list goes on!

But there’s simply not enough time to do it properly. Marvel understood this completely and took their time building their characters by providing each of the Avengers’ with their own set of 3 movies.

Taking a look at recent films like Suicide Squad and Spiderman 3 – both movies tried to do too much which left the movie with a lackluster vibe. I definitely felt cheated out of a great film with Suicide Squad.

Now I know that the Justice League movie and the Arrow-verse will only share ‘The Flash’ as far as we know, but now I fear that the movie will waste 10-20 minutes providing us with a backstory on ‘The Flash’. That’s 10-20 minutes of screen time that could have been used to further develop important story points or even developing other characters. Let’s not forget that the Justice League is more than just the iconic heavy hitters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Heroes like Green Arrow, Super Girl, and The Atom have been a part of Justice League at some point or another in their caped careers.

I feel like if they were just able to link the 2 universes together, it would make it much easier to make sequels and spin off movies. It just seems like wasted potential and wasted possibilities – especially for them to make money.

Look at Marvel’s ‘Agents of Shield’, which had none of the Avengers show up for cameos throughout the entire run of the show. But, major events of the movies directly impacted the show and also provided us with a bit of background about what was happening in between the movies. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that ‘Agents of Shield’ was a great show, but thanks to the show we were able to have a multitude of questions answered regarding what took place with Shield between each movie.


Some have argued saying that with keeping the 2 universes separated, they have the room for more spin off movies and are not restricted by the events that have unfolded in the Arrow-verse. I definitely understand that when making new movies, sometimes having an already established backstory will limit the range of how far you can go. It could potentially cut off the creative ability of a show producer or writer by being constricted to specific guidelines.

This would especially be true with the Arrow-verse having a huge head start on the movie universe for DC. Those kind of restrictions could be hazardous to the movies, as you would carefully have to fit each piece into specific timelines of the show.

It might have been simpler to approach that from a multi-verse sort of thing, especially with how much Barry Allen loves messing with the timeline and parallel universes.

But DC has stated that a ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ sort of thing isn’t going to happen. With the whole multi-verse thing, it would definitely get rid of those creative cuffs, but the executives at DC just aren’t going for it.. yet. Wishful thinking that at some point they do change their minds.

With the disappointment between Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman, I’m just worried that Justice League is going to flop. I wasn’t impressed with either of the films, and felt like I should have asked for a refund of both time and money on the way out.

I remember hearing about a possible Justice League movie (not the 1997 TV movie) nearly a decade ago that ended up getting scrapped. I was super excited about it, and immensely crushed once I found out it was cancelled. I feel like after a decade of waiting, I cannot bear another heartbreak surrounding the Justice League name.


But I digress..

Do you think that merging the two universes would be beneficial for movie development? Or would it be disastrous? What are your thoughts on the Justice League movie, with what we know so far?