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Dear Netflix, We Need More Jessica Jones ASAP

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Trauma & Alcoholism.. The story of Jessica Jones..

Earlier in the year, Netflix came out with an exceptional live-action show based on the Marvel’s character DareDevil; And once again, Netflix has raised the bar on quality internet television by bringing the story of Jessica Jones to life.

Just like Daredevil, I have never been a huge fan of Jessica Jones/Jewel/Power-Woman story line. I knew of her but I mostly knew of her due to her relationship with Luke Cage, so I wasn’t completely lost on who she was.. I just hadn’t really read much on her. With that being said, it only took me 3 days to power through the entire series and regain that empty feeling inside that only another Marvel related show or film can fill. You may say that I’m jonesing, for more Jessica Jones..

So, who is Jessica Jones?


For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Jessica Jones is a Super-Human private investigator with a troubled past. She deals with her life, trauma and alcoholism. In modern terms, she is quite the literal definition of a hot mess. 

She is also dealing with her past that simply won’t go away. The show touches on her coping with an abusive and controlling relationship, rape, and coming to terms with the consequences of her actions. While she may not have had much control over her actions, she has to still deal with the outcome of them. And unfortunately, the past that still haunts her has become a much relevant part of her present once again.

How does it hold up to DareDevil?


If you were to put DareDevil and Jessica Jones side by side, they’re both really great shows with a lot of potential. But to compare them, is nearly impossible as they are completely different beasts in their own right.

While DareDevil was more about justice and fighting back, Jessica Jones dealt with a lot of sensitive topics that affected the characters life. PTSD, anxiety, alcoholism, fear, rape, abuse, and depression just to name a few of the topics that this show deals with. Jessica is a very different type of character from DareDevil in the sense that she is a character with great power but doesn’t want to use it to change or save the world, she just wants to be left alone.

While the show has been out for a while, we still don’t want to be the ones to spoil it for anyone. I will say though that the show does proceed at a slower pace than what people might as expect and for this show, it works. Give it a few more episodes and trust us when we say, you’ll be hooked.

The good and bad of the show

Just like any other show out there, there’s always going to be some bad to go along with all the high moments.

**There are some small SPOILERS ahead so you have been warned!**

The acting was definitely one of the main things that sold me on the show. The cast was carefully crafted and I rarely felt as if I was watching a show. It felt believable, and almost like I was there with each character as they told their story.

Whoever did the casting for the show should get a freaking medal because every role was excellently picked!

A while back, we were convinced that Terry Crews would the only man capable of doing the part of Luke Cage but I’m adult enough to admit when I’m wrong. Mike Colter does an amazing job portraying Cage as the strong, reserved, and straight shooter that he truly is. While, the show doesn’t focus on Cage, it does a great job setting up and building up hype for the Luke Cage series.

Luke Cage and Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter did a phenomenal job in the role of Jessica Jones. Jessica’s character was also carefully crafted to not be your stereotypical hero. She is a real human who is hurting, and is just trying to live a normal life all while dealing with an abusive, Super-Human ex. Her baggage is no different than something that we all may carry. She’s likeable yet at the same time, she’s a total bitch that you would never want to cross paths with on her off day. Whether it is relationships, addictions, or just trying to get by in life.. Her struggles have shaped who she is today. Just like everything we have dealt with in our lives has made us who we are.

The chemistry between Luke and Jones is amazing. It is sizzling hot! I think they did a great job in putting her in the role and I honestly hope that they bring the show back for a second season.

David Tennant KilgraveJust like Daredevil, it’s the bad guy that steals the show though. David Tennant is kind of scary (and extremely attractive) on how well he portrays the sociopath that is Kilgrave. Words can’t truly describe how well the pulls off the role. You know the whole saying about “Onions having layers”? Well, that’s what Tennant does for Kilgrave! He shows us each side of the character, from the spoiled child that gets whatever he wants, to the tyrant that demands and kills at a whim, to the sociopath that can’t seem to understand or empathize with other people. We even see a brief side that has us sympathizing with Kilgrave for the things that were done to him. Through his inability to accept the reality of the relationship between him and Miss Jones, his tyranny spirals out of control at rocket speed about mid-season.

With that in mind, the story does pick up at a much slower pace. There is a lot of development to set up to bring you into her world, and truly understand how she is barely keeping herself together. The struggles, the tests, and the on going hardships she face don’t just happen. The story was executed slowly to have them make sense as to why they are happening, or have happened. Tension, suspense.. Leading up to a dramatic first season finale. Even with the slow pace, it was perfect.

I loved that the show did a great job of tying in with the rest of the MCU. Just like in DareDevil, they talk about the “incident” (Avengers 1), they make mention that there other “Gifted” individuals as well. Of course the fact that Luke Cage was in the show was great. And the inclusion of Nuke as a potential villain for next season (PLEASE BE A NEXT SEASON) was absolutely superb. I especially loved Rosario Dawson being in the show. She helps tie DareDevil and Jessica Jones together by making a few references. One of the most obvious ones is:

“Nope. I’m not special. I just keep running into special.”

Jessica Jones

Sure, she was only in one episode but I think she had a positive impact on the show and I enjoyed it.

There are a lot of things we could go on and on about all day, but let’s take a moment now to nitpick some of the little things. Now, we should note that these ARE NOT in any way, deal breakers on the show. Just simple things we found a bit obnoxious..

First things first, in case you didn’t know – 20th Century Fox has the exclusive right to the whole “Mutant” thing. Which is really silly, because instead of being born with the powers, they keep changing the origins of their powers in every show. Can’t they just say that they were born with the powers without they individual being called a mutant? Or maybe call them Meta-Humans or coin a new term? Or just stick with the whole idea of them being gifted? I mean, the whole gifted things seems to work so far! Why not use it to your advantage?

Also the MCU seems to have this thing about killing off characters that could serve a greater purpose. Just like in DareDevil where they kill Ben Urich, in Jessica Jones they kill off Oscar Clemons towards the end of the series. For those that don’t know, Clemons is one of the NYPD cops that tries to stop Punisher. Now I will say that it’s not like he’s a huge player in regards to the Punisher but with how they’re planning to have the Punisher in Season 2 of DareDevil, you’d assume it would be a great idea to keep a key part of the story alive.

In Jessica Jones, they also kill off another few characters that I thought should’ve been kept alive buuuuut, we’re going to abstain from naming names at this point in time for the sake of not spoiling anything!

A huge round of applause for the Netflix team for once again setting the bar pretty damn high on the MCU. We say this with all sincerity that we would rather watch more Jessica Jones than another Age of Ultron movie. If you haven’t watched the show, we highly recommend it. We also are curious as to WHY YOU READ THIS FAR. In the words of Kilgrave, “Stop reading and get on Netflix because you’re missing out on a great show. Netflix, renew this immediately.”

Well, Kilgrave really didn’t say that. But if he had the chance, we all know he would.