*SPOILERS* Journey Into Nyx

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Fellow Magic the Gathering fans, spoiler season has started and while only a few cards have been spoiled so far for the final set of the Theros block, I’m already excited to see what the rest of Journey into Nyx has in store for us. One of the main cards that everyone is a buzz about is the new Red/White (Boros) god, Iroas, God of Victory. It is a 7/4 legendary creature with a converted mana cost of 4 that packs a HUGE punch. This god prevents all damage that would be dealt to your attacking creatures and also makes it so that your creatures can only be blocked by 2 or more creatures. I’m pretty excited because I run a white devotion weeny deck and honestly people have been telling me for months that I should change my deck to Boros. Until now, I haven’t felt that there was a valid reason to change it up but with this new god being released I think it might just be time.

Godsend looks like an amazing artifact equipment and gives +3/+3 while letting you exile 1 creature that blocks, AND as an added bonus, it makes it so that your opponent can no longer cast copies of cards that were exiled this way. That’s INSANE and definitely going into my deck. I might even replace the Spear of Heliod in the deck for this badboy. With a CMC of 3 and an equip cost of 3, it seems like a pretty good addition to any deck that runs white.

Wizards of the Coast has also spoiled a new Black boardwipe, Extinguish All Hope. A lot of people have felt that since Mutilate fell out of standard rotation that black has been lacking a field equalizing spell and some of our prayers have finally been answered, while most of us are cursing Wizards of the Coast. Personally, I already think that Black Devotion is a strong and widely played deck with most of the top players in the world running a variation of it, and this spell might just push the deck over the edge. Thankfully, the spell is limited to “Non-Enchantment Creatures” but those who run a deck like mine with only 2 enchantment creatures… this is DEFINITELY some bad news.

Spawn of Thraxes is a card that I’m not too sure how much play it will get in standard but I can definitely see it being played in EDH. It’s a 5/5 flying with a converted mana cost of 7 that deals damage equal to the number of mountains the controlling player has to either a player or a creature. I think it might not get much play in Standard because standard already has StormBreath dragon that is a 4/4 for 5 CMC which has flying, haste, and pro white with the ability to deal damage to each opponent based on the number of cards in hand. Personally, I think Stormbreath is a better card for Standard, while Spawn of Thraxes seems like a better EDH card, especially late game EDH when you can crack your opponent for massive damage.

On top of the cards to be released, there are also several new mechanics in this set – Strive and Constellation. Constellation seems to be an ability that triggers every time an enchantment enters the field (including the card itself). The effects seem to vary for each color from draw ability, to lifegain, to putting -1/-1 counters on creatures. Strive seems like a copy of the Replicate mechanic from the original Ravnica set. Honestly, not too excited about this mechanic because all I have seen for it is Ajani’s Presence and I would rather just run Brave the Elements. I’m really hoping for better cards with the Strive mechanic because I really did like Replicate in the originally Ravnica set. We still have a few weeks to see what is fully in store for the whole set.

Now that I’ve talked about all the things that I’m excited for, let’s talk about the rest of the cards. They just released the Blue/Red (Izzet) god and while it seems interesting, it also seems kind of lame in comparison to the Boros god. It’s a 6/5 for 5 CMC that lets you reveal the top card of your deck every turn and deal 3 damage to target player or creature if it’s a non-land card. MEEEEEHHH? I know a lot of people have been hoping for the Izzet god to be amazing but I just don’t know if it’s going to be that good in comparison to the gods from the previous sets and what is to come from this set.

Personally, I can’t wait for the rest of the cards to be released, especially the Black White god, Athreos. But for now, keep checking in here on Keep It Nerdy and we’ll have another story soon when the whole set is released with more predictions and commentary regarding the rest of our “Journey into Nyx”.