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Halloween Eve is upon us, and if you are still undecided on a costume, you may want to start taking this a bit more seriously. You see, we take Halloween…. VERY SERIOUSLY. We also take free candy. Period.

So if you’re caught in a bind without a costume, HAVE NO FEAR! We have you covered with 10 easy nerdy costumes that are sure to be a hit for whatever your plans may be!


Princess Batman

“I am the darkness. I am the knight. I am… Wearing a dress?”

Princess Batman is a quick and easy solution for anyone needing a last minute costume. You can pick up the Batman mask from any Toy Store for around $10-15 and if you have a sister, you may be able to just raid her closet for last years prom dress! The best part is, NO CAPE REQUIRED!

9. Archer


Needing a quick cosplay, but something that might last a bit longer than Halloween? Why not dress up as one of the characters from hit FX show Archer? A quick stop to any thrift store and $20-40 later you should have not only a full costume, but a cosplay outfit for years to come.

8. Trevor (GTA V)

Trevor GTA V

Have a ratty pair of sweats that truly have ‘seen better days’? Why not dirty them up a bit, and a little (fake) blood, and go as Trevor from GTA V! To top it off, get a gas from any local stores that would carry it (usually $10-20) and stop by any Halloween store to get a realistic, balding headpiece!

7. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Need a quick couples costume? Why not go as Caprica (6) and Gauis Baltar from Battlestar Galactica? A sexy red dress for the ladies, and more than likely stuff you guys may already own!



Ladies, need a quick solution? Stop by any Hot Topic and pick up a TARDIS dress and headpiece for around $30-40. They also have Dalek dresses as well, in case you’d much rather Exterminate everyone at the party!

5. Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip

Want a costume that is both sexy and clever? Why not go as a Freudian Slip!? A cheap $10 slip and a sharpee is all you need.

4. Mario Kart

Mario Kart Costumes

Attempting a group theme? Mario Kart is a quick and easy solution that everyone can enjoy. Simply pick your favorite Mario Kart character, match that color and accessorize a bit.. Then stop by your local grocery store or party supply store to pick up a few balloons you can tie to your rear!

3. Charlie Brown’s Ghost Costume

Charlie Brown Ghost

‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ was a staple for many of us 90’s kids every Halloween. Pay tribute to its awesomeness by picking up a white sheet and a sharpee (or some black fabric) and going as Charlie Brown’s famous Ghost Costume!

Talk about a serious #Throwback with this costume!

2. Doctor Horrible

Doctor Horrible

Forget the mad scientist this year and opt for this easy to make Doctor Horrible Costume. While it may be a bit on the higher end of what you may be willing to pay, all of these items should be easily purchasable at any medical supply or general surplus store. The best part is, this costume can be reused time and time again!

1. Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel

Pop out the lenses on those 3D glasses, grab some suspenders and your favorite argyle top and ask everyone around you “DID I DO THAT!?”

This costume is quick, easy and sure to be a hit no matter where you go!



Leave a comment below – and email us your costumes at so we can post our favorites for all our readers to see!