MTG Conspiracy: Free For All Drafting Fun

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Wizards of the Coast are releasing a new stand alone set on June 6th called Conspiracy. While it may be a drafting set there is 1 major difference that sets it apart from the rest, and that is this set is made for “Multiplayer Drafting”. It is for a free for all and 3-5 player matches.

For those that don’t play Magic the gathering, here are the basic rules for drafting. Usually, Magic the Gathering is a 2 player game with the only officially sanctioned multiplayer setting being Two-Headed Giant.


This set will be a 210 card set with 65 brand new cards and will also bring some new mechanics to the game. So far, they’ve revealed “Will of the Council” which seems to be a mechanic where all players on the board take a vote for Condemn or Grace and whichever vote wins, something crazy will happen. It seems to fit in the spirit of casual multiplayer MTG because politics and short lived alliances rule the multiplayer aspect of these games. They also released the new Planeswalker, Dack Fayden, which is getting a lot of people excited for this set. They’ve also spoiled Brago, King Eternal which has gotten alot of EDH players excited. Out of the 65 new cards, 52 of them will be legal in Vintage and Legacy but 13 of them will not be. It is yet to be stated whether the cards will be EDH legal, but with the ban list for EDH being very short it’s my guess that they will be approved.

Conspiracy is set to release on June 6th with 15 card packs retailing at $3.99 and the booster box at a pricy $143.64 that has my wallet already crying. This does come as a bit of shock to us since most booster boxes are in the $90-120 price range at most card shops. Usually it is cheaper to just buy a box than it is to buy pack by pack but I guess that Wizards of the Coast want to keep people from just buying boxes in order to horde cards for Legacy and Vintage formats. Well, either way, myself and the rest of us at Keep It Nerdy can’t wait to get our hands on this set and have some fun.