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So the full spoilers for the new Magic the Gathering “From the Vault” set are out and I must say….. I’m not really impressed. For those that don’t know, “From the Vault” (or FTV) is a special limited release 15 card set that Wizards of the Coast does (The makers of MTG), where they reprint older cards based on a theme. They have already done FTV Relic where it was artifacts, FTV legends where they reprinted legendary creatures, and this time around, it’s FTV annihilation. By Annihilation, they mean that they are reprinting a set of older boardwipes.

I’m kind of disappointed at this set. Don’t get me wrong, the cards they selected weren’t bad but I feel like they could’ve made slight better choices. My first issue is with Upheavel, sure it’s a good card but it is also a card that is banned in EDH and not techically an “annihilation” card. It just a massive bounce card. I know it seems like a petty reason to be upset in regard to this card being in here but I’m entitled to my personal opinions.

My second issue with it is the fact that there is no DAMNATION in this set. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that is disappointed with the fact that Damnation wasn’t reprinted for this set. It’s the black board wipe that everyone has been asking for in a reprint since it rotated out of standard. It is basically a black version of Wrath of God (WoG). But unlike WoG, which has been reprinted multiple times, Damnation only has 2 printings in Planar Chaos & Player’s reward systems. I think everyone shed a small tear when the full list was printed and it wasn’t on there.

My third issue is with the printing of Armageddon but that’s just because I hate land destruction with a passion. The reason why I hate land destruction is because most people playing it have some way to keep their lands alive while destroying others, so the game usually goes into SCOOP PHASE when it resolves.

Negativity aside, we do have some things we absolutely LOVE about the set. First, I love the new art for Living Death. Mark Winters did an amazing job on this art and it makes sense that he did the art for this card because he did the art for the original. Let me just say that this version is a 100 times better! I already have a couple copies of the older version of the card but I’m tempted to buy 1 of this set just to get my hands on it.

Since we’re on the subject of the art, the second thing I like about this set is the new art for Wrath of God. The new art is current with the Theros set and the picture itself, tells an amazing story. I love it. Lastly, the new printing of Child of Alara finally has the fixed ruling on it. Originally, the card states that whenever “Child of Alara” goes to the graveyard, blow up all non-land permanents. The new fixed ruling states that whenever he dies, you get to blow up all non-land permanents, which is a great because now he is actually useable as a general for EDH. This has certainly opened up new options for EDH generals and since that’s my jam, I always welcome new options.


Personally, I’m still on the fence on whether or not to get the set. To me, it might not be the greatest From The Vault set they have released but it is also not the worst FTV set. The set is now available for purchase and retails for $35. But due to its limited release and knowing most card shops, you won’t see this set around for long.