Overwatch Is Coming To Xbox One & PS4

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Blizzard has commented to IGN with the following:

“We are excited to share more information about Overwatch with everyone at BlizzCon this weekend – so be sure to tune in to the opening ceremonies for free at”

IGN has contacted several retail locations of GameStop and has received confirmation that the title of the pre-order is currently ‘Overwatch: Origins Edition’.


Original Story:

With the announcement of Overwatch from Blizzard at last year’s Blizzcon, the PC community has been dying to get their hands on Beta. With beta already rolling out in waves for a small group of users, some have been speculating that this game may be heading to consoles.

Today, it looks like GameStop spilled the beans and started taking pre-orders for Overwatch. These pre-orders are marked at $60, which is mind boggling for what has been represented as a ‘free to play’ game model. However, it is worth noting that Blizzard also sells physical copies of Heroes of the Storm at $20 in most major retail outlets which also comes with extra heroes and skins. So it may be possible that high retail pre-order price may be coming with some nice, cushy features to console gamers.

With only a few days until Blizzcon, we won’t have to wait for an eternity to find out whether or not this slip up from GameStop is simply a rumor, or a reality. As they say, the world could always use more heroes.