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We all had that dream…

Growing up most of us wished something awesome would happen to us. Some of us wished that we would’ve discovered that we had mutant powers, some of us wished we would’ve gotten a letter to Hogwarts, and some of us wished that we could’ve become The Doctor’s companion.

But not me. Growing up, I wish that I could have relived what happened in Chrono Trigger! Find a portal to another time period, go on an epic adventure through time while learning magic, and find my path to save the MOTHER FUCKING WORLD! This may have been partially due to the fact this was the first RPG I had ever played, but I knew from the first time I loaded this game up.. It was my destiny!

Well sadly, that dream never happened but that doesn’t mean that I can’t relive my fantasy by playing the game over and over. Recently I decided to pick it up for the DS and I’m not disappointed one bit.

In case you are familiar with the Chrono Trigger story, the game follows a young boy by the name of Chrono, that makes his way to the fair to meet up with his friend, a young inventor named Lucca. On the way to the fair he befriends a young lady named Marle and they decide to check out Lucca’s latest invention together. Something goes wrong with the machine, Marle gets sucked into a wormhole, and Chrono has to dive straight into the face of danger to attempt to rescure her. Now, it wouldn’t be fair of me to spoil the game, but from here on out it is a rollercoaster of emotions, time-travel, royal family, evil mages, and tons of other goodies to keep you hooked for the rest of your life.

While it is your typical RPG…

In the sense of the battle system, you learn skills as you level up, and recruit new members to your team as you travel through time, it can hardly be compared to the other RPG’s at the time of it’s release. Unlike Most RPG’s during the time, Chrono Trigger was released relied on ‘Tag-team’ moves that work when members of your team have learned certain moves. They’re usually more powerful than their individual moves and they’re fun to watch.

Now for the readers that have already played the original game there have been some changes between the original and the DS version. One of the first noticeable things was they corrected a lot of the spelling and grammar issue, most noticeably was Frog’s dialogue. In the game, Frog’s speaks in “Proper” English or basically does his best to sound as Old timey as possible. Sometimes in the original game, it didn’t work so well. They also fixed the names of a few of the NPC’s and some of the gear. I guess at some point they might’ve felt that maybe the new names made better sense. On top of the vanity changes to the game, they also add a bit more to the game. They added 2 new sidequests to the game. They added the Dimensional Vortex/Dream’s End and they added the Sanctum. Not trying to give any spoiler away but completing the Dimensional Vortex gives you the REAL ending to the game. It ties up a few of the loose ends that the original game left, gives you better equipment, and buffs to some of the characters. Honestly, at that point though, the buffs aren’t really needed. I think I was level 60+ by the time that I went through the Vortex and beat the end boss. The Sanctum is more of a side quest that takes place during the Stone Age and the Middle Ages. It involves a lot of going back and forth between to the 2 times in order to complete tasks. I felt like this side quest was kind of meh to say the least. It doesn’t really do anything to give us more of a story line and the items that you can gain from doing this side quest are actually not worth getting. I think there might be like 1-2 items out of the handful that you can get that are actually decent but to me, it was more of a hassle to complete this quest. The whole back and forth between the 2 time periods got really annoying since there are some fights you can’t avoid. The fights aren’t even hard but it just gets annoying to have to do them over and over.

Personally, I still loved the game. Playing it for the 10+ time, I still get the same excitement that I got the first time I played it and getting to play thru the Vortex to get the REAL ending was definitely worth playing it 1 more time! So tell us, what games have you recently replayed that you loved as much as you did the first time you played it? Do they still inspire that same spark as they did the 1st time?