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RUMOR: Scorsese and DiCaprio Working On ‘Joker’ Origin Movie



It’s been a while since the rumor mill kicked around a new hot topic, so we figured we’d start one off of some hearsay. It’s currently rumored that several companies in the Entertainment business have their sights set on a new DC movie. The new movie could have the legendary Martin Scorsese billed as the producer, with Leonardo DiCaprio landing the leading role. What movie do you think they’re working on? It’s rumored to be none other than a “Joker” origins movie.


After the work this duo did on “The Departed”, “Shutter Island”, “Gangs of New York” and other hits and classics, you would think this is destined for success.

Sadly, we foresee nothing but a train wreck fast approaching, and lengthy heartbreak.


Hollywood has a big problem with not understanding the source material or the fan base. We could sit here all day talking about the pain points in “Suicide Squad” and “Batman VS Superman” but everyone else has already said enough.

The biggest problem with an ‘Origin’ movie for a character like the Joker, isn’t all that simple. First, you’d have to know a significant amount about the character and his origin. If you want to take a minute to Wiki that, we won’t judge you.  The first issue here is that the overall consensus is that he was originally an ex-lab assistant that becomes a criminal called “The Red Hood”. While he is being chased by Batman, he fell into a vat of chemicals that discolored his face and drove him mad from the exposure. It was that madness that leads him to become the psychopath that is “The Joker”.

The second issue stems from the Joker himself.


The Joker himself doesn’t even remember how he became the way he did. He’s been crazy for so long that he, himself, doesn’t even know what lead him to the life he leads now. It’s the most accepting origin because it fits the mold of the character the best. The Joker is an agent of chaos, where everything he does has no real rhyme or reason. The only thing that drives his character is the thrill he gets from creating mischief and mayhem and having the ability to antagonize Batman.


The big question here is, “How do you make an origins movie for a character that has no real concrete origin?” I understand that you could fabricate a new origin and not follow ‘The Red Hood’ to a T, but the issue with that is the die-hard fans might not be too thrilled. The Joker isn’t just some small fry that you can hot glue and duct tape some half-assed movie for. And while I appreciate that it won’t be Leto doing the part, as far as we know, I worry that Hollywood is just thinking in dollar signs and not with their brains. Shocking, I know..

We’ve discussed on multiple occasions how Marvel has built their universe right, by not straying too far from the original stories unless it makes sense. So here’s what I’m going to do because I’m just a giving guy and it’s the Holidays. Here’s an idea to salvage this movie. Have this big over the top origin story because it’s Hollywood and all. But have it fade to the Joker in the present day and have him look at the screen and say “Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another.. if I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

Just have it be another one of the Joker’s madman ramblings. It would be the perfect ending to a Joker movie while keeping fans and newcomers to the franchise happy. It would almost be one giant joke or prank for the Joker to play on the audience, and it would absolutely fit the mold of the character we know and love to hate.

So what do you think? Is this project doomed even with the likes of DiCaprio and Scorsese possibly on board? Or do you think that Leo’s amazing (and often underrated) acting and the visionary that Scorsese is can salvage this project?