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The Road To The Con: Preparing And Surviving Comic Con 2014

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Dustin is an ‘all things nerdy’ enthusiast who enjoys spending time at awesome conventions, eSports tournaments and contributing to KeepItNerdy.com.


There are millions of checklists, survival guides and prepping blog posts for San Diego Comic Con but there are few that are specific to 2014. Living in the day and age of technology makes it important for us to stay connected when we’re out on the floor, hanging with friends, making some new ones, and fangirling over our idols. So I put together a quick list of things I’ll be bringing with to help you guys out as well.

Fuel Rod

Fuel-Rod: There have been 7 Fuel Rod stations installed at the San Diego Convention Center. What is a fuel rod you ask? A fuel rod is a portable phone/tablet charging device. These rods cost $20 and with each initial purchase comes with a 6” USB Type-A to Micro-USB adapter cable (most Android devices), along with an Apple 30-pin (iPod, iPhone Gen 1-4) and Apple Lightning (Apple Gen 5+) adapters. What makes buying a fuel rod really worth it is you can swap them out. So once you drain yours at one of the 7 terminals you can swap them out. Now we aren’t entirely sure how many MAH it has, but according to Fuel Rod it can add up to 12 hours of talk time to your phone or 5.5 hours of run time for your tablet. That’s definitely a bonus when you’re constantly ‘gramming all those awesome cosplayers you see running about.
*If you aren’t that interested in the fuel rod because you want something with a little more juice – then I highly recommend picking up this Anker with 10,000 mAh. That will get you roughly 4 charges and possibly through an entire day (if not more!).

**Cool Fact: We were able to talk to Joe Yeagley from Fuel-Rod about this and he said that they are gearing up for Comic Con, all kiosks will be monitored to ensure availability of both new kits and swaps. In addition to that Fuel Rod Girls will be roaming the event to answer questions, take pictures, hand out t-shirts, and help out stranded attendees by passing out sample Fuel Rods to folks they see clinging to open power outlets as if it was their life line.

Toucan Trackers SDCC

Toucan Trackers: CCI posted new information today about Hall H wristbands. Wristbands will be given out the night before the panel til 1AM then resuming around 5am. Like last year my guess is they will condense the line around 5am as soon as the initial wristbands have been handed out or will condense the line so the individual who is handing out the wrist bands won’t have to walk around and wrap around the Marina. This means another year of 5:00am hurry up and waiting and constantly moving til you get into the Hall. Not so great for those who want that extra bit of time for sleep but good to know so you can plan accordingly.


Swag: One of the best parts of hitting up SDCC is all the awesome free loot you can pick up from various brands. Last year some of the best swag was given out in the Gaslamp at the various off-site events. While it still looks like the Gaslamp District is strong to pick up some goodies, but Petco Park Interactive Zone is giving it a run for it’s money. The Petco Park Interactive Zone can be found in the parking lot with food trucks across the street from the convention center near the bridge. Almost every event planned in this section is guaranteeing some sort of giveaway, contest or promo/demo. So it’s a great place to hit up if you are planning to spend some time in SD and may not be hitting up Comic Con. There are also several street teams for many of these companies that will be wandering Gaslamp, so keep your eyes peeled! If your goal is to rake in the swag, make sure you spread out your time equally.

Gotham PD Uber Free Rides: There are tons of ways to get around for free in San Diego this year and it’s not just your normal black town car or pink mustache. This year Gotham (FOX) and Uber are teaming up and additionally Lexus and Adult Swim are also joining forces. Gotham and Uber have some restrictions where the ride must be must be less than $30 ride and you must use the Uber app to request it. However, Lexus and Adult Swim are yet to state time and distance restrictions on their gratis ride service.

**Pro Tip: For those of you who haven’t used Uber or participated in Uber promotions in the past, please keep the following in mind. These promotions can be very limited. Uber has recently done an Optimus Prime, Uber Wedding, Manicure for Moms rides, Free Roses for Valentine’s Day, etc. etc.. But the amount of these that were given were very limited. So do not put all of your eggs in this basket. Also due to the high demand of ride requests and users logging in to the app during SDCC week, there may be a price surge and your free $30 may be used rather quickly. Surge pricing is built in to the app mechanics of Uber, and additionally Lyft. So the more people logged in to request a ride, the higher the base fare will go. So be sure to download Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, which all operate in San Diego, to find the cheapest route to that party or back to your hotel. Also take note of the free shuttles and their hours of operation to help ease your transit if you plan on having a few drinks while out and about.



Need help finding off site events? Be sure to check out our other post listing our top favorite 25 by clicking HERE or you can head over to my Google Maps to find all 157 events going on during San Diego Comic Con Week by clicking HERE!