Top 10 World Of Warcraft Pick Up Lines

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We searched all of Azeroth, including the darkest parts of Undercity to bring to you our Top 10 Favorite World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines! So, let’s get started..

  1. Nice pants, what’s the drop rate?
  2. Are you a vendor, because I’d like to browse your goods.
  3. You must be whitemane, because you just made my champion arise!
  4. My Heart is BOP (Bind on Pickup) and you just rolled Need
  5. “Looking for Group”
  6. Why don’t you seduce me? My resistance is low.
  7. I heard that you are an epic mount..
  8. Your eyes are so blue, they remind me of 24 stam gems.
  9. Don’t worry baby, I got Blessing Of Protection!
  10.  Wanna take my Swift Pink Hawkstrider for a ride?