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REVIEW: The Stanley Parable

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You are Stanley… You are also not Stanley…

The Stanley Parable was originally developed by Davey Wreden as a mod built on the Steam Source Engine back in 2011 but it got an HD remake and was re-released on Steam in late October last year.

Where do I even start with this game? It’s hard to describe such a unique and experimental narrative that is this game. The game puts you in the first person perspective of Stanley, who works in an office where all your coworkers have disappeared. There are no action or combat sequences as Stanley goes though the office to find out what happened and the game play only progresses through the use of “suggestive” narrative.

The narrator suggests various options when you reach a fork in the storyline, and whether you accept or decline them in your own actions determines what path the story will take. And that’s the beauty of this game. You can give that disembodied voice the middle finger (not literally) and do your own thing. He tells you to go to the door on the left and you tell that voice to shove it by taking the door on the right instead. Each choice you make or refuse directly effects the possibilities and the game is short enough where you can play it over and over to get all the different endings. It’s short and sweet with each play-through is about 4-10 minutes long, and pretty much a video game version of the old Goosebumps – Choose Your Own Adventure.

And with the current Steam Summer Sale going on, you can easily pick up The Stanley Parable for at least 50% off if you keep an eye out for it.


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