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Are They Really Villains Or Misunderstood?

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What makes a villain, a villain?

Is it greed? Is it because they are cruel? Selfish? Violent?

To break it down a bit further, let’s take a 180 for a second. What makes a hero, a hero? Is it because they’re self-less? They’re stand up for the weak and those that can’t defend themselves? Risk life and limb to save the people they care about and love? Is it because they stand for justice?

What if some of those same definitions for heroes can be used to described some villains? Does this mean that maybe they’re not as villainous as people seem to think? Maybe we can even go as far as to say that maybe they’re being mislabeled as villains when they’re really just misunderstood heroes?

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has a long history of being labelled as a “Super Villain” due to her Eco-terrorism and long lists of crimes against humanity but let’s take a moment to consider the facts. One important thing to take away from this is that while she was once human, she no longer truly identifies with human-kind. She considers herself to relate more with plants than she does with her human counter parts. A lot of her crimes and eco-terrorism is based on the idea that humanity has long stomped over plant life without the slightest concern for the life they destroy. They destroy the environment by knocking over trees and bulldozing the landscape in order to make way for their buildings, parks, and roads and the plants are no different than the victims that our heroes defend time and time again. And that’s where Poison Ivy comes in..

She has long fought the good fight for plant life who in this universe is the little guy (or girl… well plants are genderless right so I don’t know) that has no voice, that has no way of screaming “DON’T TREAD ON ME BRO!”.


Isn’t that one of the things that a hero does? They stand up for the weaker people (plants in this example)! So let’s flip the tables for a moment, let’s say that we were all plants and that Poison Ivy was standing up for us, that would make her a hero and that would make all of humanity the bad guys! So maybe she’s an eco-terrorist but maybe she’s also a misunderstood hero for plant life? If you look at it from the perceptive of the plants, Poison Ivy is their shining white knight.

Mr. Freeze aka Victor Fries

Mr Freeze

Victor is known as an ice cold criminal. He’s hurt, destroyed, and even has killed a lot of people but a lot of his crimes are motivated by his passion. His passion is to find a cure for his wife, Nora, and bring her back to the world of the living. A lot of his crimes are done in order to find the funding or to obtain parts for the machines he needs in order find that cure. There are a few of his crimes that don’t always have his end goal in mind, but there is a good majority of them that are motivated by his passions and fears.

Risking life and limb for their loved ones, isn’t that the kind of thing that a hero does?

Sure, Victor probably could’ve taken a more peaceful route and in the modern age we live in he may have been able to get fully funded through a GoFundMe. But when you’re a man at the brink of losing the one thing you care for the most, that man goes to any extreme in order to accomplish his goals. I think to an extent that Victor is a misunderstood hero or at least he strives to become the white knight for his beloved Nora.

Can a hero be mislabeled?

While everyone is so eager to point a finger at the bad guy, once someone has been immortalized as a hero in the public eye it’s harder to tear that reputation down.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold

Booster is easily one of my favorite heroes but he’s only one of my favorites because he’s the most honest and realistic. For those of you that are not familiar with Booster Gold, he’s a man from the future that basically go back in time with future tech in order to become a hero, gain fame, and fortune.If you had the opportunity to go back in time and look like a hero, wouldn’t you do the same?

However, since his motives are ones that are self driven and overall stemming from personal greed, wouldn’t we typically consider this behaviour to be that of a villain?

He’s getting grouped in with the heroes, when his for good behaviour and pro-profit are making him walk the thin line between mercenary and villain.



While everyone loves Batman, I can easily think of two people who don’t. Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze for starters..

Think about it. If both of them have been mislabeled as villains and are somewhat misunderstood heroes that makes Batman their villain counterpart. Here we have Poison Ivy trying to stand up for the plants that have no power or ability to protect themselves but Batman always puts a stop to her plans! Then we have Mr. Freeze that is trying to do everything in his power in order to save his wife, but Batman also tries to halt his affords.

When the tables have turned, it really sounds like Batman is up to no good foiling the plans of these mislabelled villains.

While there are definitely some villains within the various universes that are plain evil, such as Scarecrow, Bane and even the Joker, it does make you wonder and put things into perspective a bit.

In Gotham, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. It just depends on what side you are viewing things from.