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Lok’tar Ogar! The wait is finally over. Today, Blizzard revealed the highly anticipated ‘Warcraft’ trailer at Blizzcon 2015. And, we finally got a release date.

The trailer opens with the Alliance talking about how they can feel that something is coming. Something dark. This jumps to a shot of a few Orcs, obviously from the Horde, and what appears to be a green, storm cloud in the background. Possibly hinting towards the war breaking out with the Legion and the Iron Horde that is currently taking place in game. However, this story stems longer than World of Warcraft itself, and burrows deep within the lore.

Explosions of electric green (possibly indicating a big bad boss from the Legion expansion) leave the Horde with nowhere to go and as a result, turn to the humans for help to unite against a common enemy. The differences are made apparent with cultural clashes, brawling, and betrayal in this action packed trailer.

Watch the trailer now, and see Warcraft in theaters June 2016.