Most Epic World of Warcraft Rage Quits Ever

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We’ve all been there..

Your raid has more skeletons on the floor than there are buried in a cemetery. Frustration strikes the vent channel with something fierce, and there is not enough alcohol to calm your nerves.

Sometimes, it gets the best of us. And sometimes, it just so happens those times are being recorded. That’s why we’re celebrating our favorite rage quits from World of Warcraft this week!

Ticklefight of Boulderfist having a wipefest on Freya (Ulduar)

Not sure if he’s raging over the fact that he thinks Freya is an easy fight, or if he just believes that being one of the top guilds on Boulderfist means that you can rage your little face off.

While Boulderfist is always my first home, stuff like this ALMOST makes me embarrassed to admit I play there. Keyword, ALMOST.

Many whelps now, handle it.

Surprisingly, this rager is also from Boulderfist. Guess that says a lot about my server now…

This Onyxia video went viral for it’s hilarious use of Orlando Blooming Onion references, and additionally it’s use of great imagery all around. Let’s be honest though, who gets feared into the whelps!?

It was for the greater good, son..

We know the pain. We know the tears. The suffering. The investment. Far too well.

But sometimes, you need some Vitamin D in your life kiddo. Mom was doing you a favor.