World of Warcraft – Patch 7.1 Return To Karazhan

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“Preparations must be made! For the master, will return…”

These eerie words echoed over the sound of rain and thunder as a familiar music creeps up into the background. The struggle between excitement and anxiety has filled me once again with Blizzard’s announcement of Patch 7.1 Return to Karazhan at Gamescom today.

Blizzard has finally acknowledged the content gaps and stated that it is priority #1 to continue with a steady stream of content throughout the Legion expansion. They want to continue to do yearly expansions, but do not want to compromise the quality. Additionally, they commented that they will continue to stick with 4-5 month raid tier durations, with new content in between to break things up.

Karazhan is actually quite central to the story of the Legion and it’s an important place. If you have been playing the pre-expansion content so far, you will have already returned to Karazhan in this week’s quest line to help Khadgar recover a tome to bring back to the Kirin Tor in Dalaran.

Return to Karazhan will be a 5 player epic dungeon – and act as a 5 player mini raid of some sorts with 9 bosses total. Blizzard has created this dungeon with the feedback from players that they missed dungeons like Blackrock Depths. Despite this dungeon being released, Blizzard did confirm that the Karazhan raid will not be leaving us (yet).

In addition to Karazhan, there is a small raid between Nightmare and Nighthold that will wrap up the Stormheim storyline. And Patch 7.1 content will also include new Suramar quests and world content.

You can expect to see Patch 7.1 hit PTR shortly after Legion launches on August 30th.